DBE-Message from Earth at the International Space Station

DBE-Message from Earth at the International Space Station

We are thrilled to announce that our DBE Message from Earth, encapsulated into a scented clay cube, will fly to the International Space Station on Feb. 19, 2022! Our DBE Message from Earth emotion tuner will fly to this final frontier of human habitat space with Nanoracks aboard the Antares rocket within the framework of a Northrop Grumman Cygnus NG-17 resupply mission from NASA Flights Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia, USA. Our DBE Message from Earth will be placed within the MoonGallery’s 8x8 grid of 1 cm3 cells housing 64 physical artifacts and one engraved AR artwork. This event will mark the historical meeting point of the Moon Gallery, of which our DBE Message from Earth is a part of it, and the cosmos.

Bernard Foing, chairman of MoonGallery Foundation and of LUNEX Lunar Explorers, says: “ Reaching low Earth orbit on our way to the Moon is the first step in extending our cultural dialogue to space.”

“For this mission, we have collected art pieces that carry important values for humanity not only at this point on Earth but also for a future multi planetary society. The final artworks to be exhibited at the International Space Station will be the “pioneers” of the MoonGallery: our first pieces to go to space and to channel our values into the universe”, says the MoonGallery curator team. After the exhibition, the gallery will be safely returned to Earth to prepare it for the next adventure: for the flight to the Moon, hopefully in 2025!

A number of MoonGallery artists and experts will be present for a series of events in New-York (Feb. 16), Washington DC (Feb 18), Wallops Island launch base (Feb.19) to celebrate space, science, arts and astronauts. DBE- Message from Earth will be presented there by Eva Petrič.

Other MoonGallery space artists will join the events virtually from all over the world.

Launch support events (courtesy of International MoonBase Alliance/LUNEX/EuroMoonMars/ArtMoonMars/MoonGallery) will be organized with some space experts and artists, and remote link with colleagues worldwide:

- 16 Feb 12h ET hybrid event at New York City 560 W 43rd St., and 16 Feb 18h ET in-person at Time-Art Gallery 178 Bleecker St .

- 18 Feb 10h ET = 16h CET hybrid event at Washington DC

- 19 Feb 11h ET = 17 h CET hybrid event at Wallops Island

Other events: 19 Feb 12h ET=18h CET virtual event MG Holland,  13h ET= 19h CET celebration event after the NG-17 launch , 17-20 h CET Padova event with contact 11h40-12h ET = 17h40-18h 

Art work copyrights

Each bottle of DBE, 528 Hz is hand engraved with a unique handmade ceramic top.

All Copyrights and Reproduction rights are retained by artists Eva Pertič and Mateja Š. Dimic. These artworks may not be reproduced by any process or material without the written permission of both artists.

DBE LimEd 528 Hz

Eau de Parfum, Lim. Ed. 528 Hz

The DBE collection tunes to three notes, to the tune of CURIOSITY, EMPATHY and A MESSAGE FROM EARTH - the three features that would keep us company even in outer space. Formulated by artist Eva Petrič, fragrances produced by H. Reynaud & Fils, GmbH, France

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