ASEF Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Sunita Williams!


DBE - A Message from Earth - the award for a great astronaut. 

The astronaut, with Slovene roots, Captain Sunita Williams, is this year's recipient of the ASEF Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to space exploration and science!

Captain Williams is an extraordinary person, a woman who is a true record holder amongst space travelers and therefore also our inspiration!

We are very honored that ASEF, the American Slovenian Education Foundation has awarded her the "DBE 528 Hz - Message from Earth" fragrance, to mark this special occasion. The DEB - data bank of emotions fragrance,  strives to alleviate astronauts of feelings of isolation in outer space by catalyzing for the Earthing in them to stay alive; keeping them in contact with Earth and the Earthing that they are.

Our sincere congratulations to Captain Sunita Williams for her awe-inspiring achievements! 

Dear Captain Willimas, we wish for you to stay connected to our planet Earth, in spite of wherever your next journey into outer space may take you!