Close Cosmos

DBE - A Message from Earth exhibit at the Close Cosmos Moon Gallery and Ars Electronica Festival at Leiden University Observatory

"Close Cosmos" is a collective installation that looks close to ourselves and into the distant space. As beings, we stand between the microscope and the telescope, between our cells and the galaxies, under and above... These notions of extremes can give us purpose and help us answer the fundamental questions of life. Leiden University Observatory is the oldest observatory in the world still in operation, founded in 1633. This historical monument still plays an educational role for the University and the city of Leiden. "Close Cosmos" will display 36 micro-artifacts representing universal values and human aspirations, presented and materialized by the Moon Gallery artistsDBE - A Message from Earth, sprayed onto a cubic centimeter, is part of this exhibition, which will be on display from 12th September to 20th December 2020

Art work copyrights

Each bottle of DBE, 528 Hz is hand engraved with a unique handmade ceramic top.

All Copyrights and Reproduction rights are retained by artists Eva Pertič and Mateja Š. Dimic. These artworks may not be reproduced by any process or material without the written permission of both artists.

DBE LimEd 528 Hz

Eau de Parfum, Lim. Ed. 528 Hz

The DBE collection tunes to three notes, to the tune of CURIOSITY, EMPATHY and A MESSAGE FROM EARTH - the three features that would keep us company even in outer space. Formulated by artist Eva Petrič, fragrances produced by H. Reynaud & Fils, GmbH, France

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