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DBE • Limited Edition • 528 hz

Art of fragrance – fragrance of art. In  limited edition DBE Art objects: hand - engraved glass bottles with unique ceramic tops. DBE is not just a fragrance. This is our data bank of emotions, an emotion tuner, tuning us to our optimal feelings wherever we are. Even if we are in outer space, it will keep us in tune with the Earthling in us.

The nomadic nature of humans, existing since the beginning of history and extending nowadays even into outer space, is the main inspiration behind the DBE – The Data Bank of Emotions collection of fragrances. With DBE we want to preserve and nurture the message from Earth even in deep space, and through its series of fragrances (A MESSAGE FROM EARTH, CURIOSITY, and EMPATHY) 

Recognition for innovation

Recognition for innovation

DBE 528 Hz- was awarded the Silver Innovation Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awards for innovation represent the highest...

GLEX 2021 & ISS Payload Gallery

GLEX 2021 & ISS Payload Gallery

DBE - A Message from Earth - aboard NG-17 We are happy to share that Moon Gallery is part of the Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX) 2021 in St.Petersburg between 14-19 June 2021. As humanity expands...

ASEF Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Sunita Williams!

ASEF Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Sunita Williams!

DBE - A Message from Earth - the award for a great astronaut.  The astronaut, with Slovene roots, Captain Sunita Williams, is this year's recipient of the ASEF Lifetime Achievement Award for her...

International Collaborative Art Work

International Collaborative Art Work

DBE – A Message from Earth – presented at a Gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon At Leiden University, Moon Gallery built a bridge to space. This symbolic bridge - "THE BRIDGE" connects art with the...



A message from earth • curiosity • empathy


In humans, scent perception is one of the oldest – and most important senses. Scent sensitivity is 100,000 greater in our brains than taste sensitivity is. On average, a person detects 4000 different scents. This ability helps us to obtain comprehensive information from our environment (or from deep space if we are there) and a complete and multidimensional image of the environment and other beings (possibly even aliens) that surround us.


Scent can teleport us to a completely different place, even into outer space, into the distant future and the place that we will maybe share with aliens.  As a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology by Nicolas Gueguen suggests, pleasant scents promote positive social interactions.  DBE collection of fragrances could communicate to other beings with whom we might interact of Earth, of us humans, and help us establish a positive relation with whoever we’ll encounter.





Wherever we are, we are ever surrounded by the “Love frequency”,  love waves with 528 Hz. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is the frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. ... This is why it is also known as the DNA repair frequency. And this is why we tuned our DBE series to 528 Hz and into the limited edition of 528 bottles.

The sense of scent is our primal sense, and our brains react to scent more than anything else.  Scent and music are our emotion triggers that activate memories and certain feelings and emotions.

As revealed by science, scent has the power to evoke the earliest memories from our’s childhood, disappearing and reappearing as shadows… 



Scent is our first and our most primary sense but, unfortunately many amongst us are less and less aware of it. We hope that our DBE collection will bring us back the awareness of this primal sense and remind us of its importance for our survival and of the human species, even if we will find ourselves in deep space one day.

Eva Petrič and her shadow emotions, translated into curves and loops of Idrija lace, caught into the DBE bottle, show not only the zig zags, twists and turns of life but also the interweaving that connects us into unconscious patterns. We are like threads, caught into loops of emotions in patterns of past and future generations…

Eva Petrič

Eva Petrič


Multimedia visual artist, living and working in Vienna, New York City, and Ljubljana, interweaves and utilizes photography, video, sound/voice, installations,  performance and literature as her means of artistic expression. In her multimedia art installations she often includes also scent. She exhibits all over the world. Her aim is to surpass barriers of art which separate it from everyday life. This motivated her to bring art from galleries to the streets, resulting in her art to wear... and in this DBE fragrance and the Earthling on its bottle.

Mateja Š. Dimic and her DBE bottle tops, shaped into asteroids and other space objects (Earth and Mars), show us that we are not alone in space. We are just a tiny community of world and space travelers, continuing onwards and forwards on our nomadic trails…

Mateja Š. Dimic

Mateja Š. Dimic


Designer and design manager working in the creative industry. Her ideas, solutions and, inspirations stem from connecting different, and sometimes at first glance, incompatible parts that she adjusts to certain needs. In her works of art, she often intertwines glass and ceramics. Her solutions carry deeper messages beyond established frameworks. ... An example of this is the corporate image of the DBE project. Its unique ceramic caps represent asteroids and other space bodies that ensure the safe travel of DBE to you and on through space ...



Where to buy


Gumpendorfer Strasse 15-17 1060 Wien


754 Fifth Avenue  New York


Mestni trg 24 1000 Ljubljana


Habsburgegasse 6-8 1010 Wien

Art work copyrights

Each bottle of DBE, 528 Hz is hand engraved with a unique handmade ceramic top.

All Copyrights and Reproduction rights are retained by artists Eva Pertič and Mateja Š. Dimic. These artworks may not be reproduced by any process or material without the written permission of both artists.

DBE LimEd 528 Hz

Eau de Parfum, Lim. Ed. 528 Hz

The DBE collection tunes to three notes, to the tune of CURIOSITY, EMPATHY and A MESSAGE FROM EARTH - the three features that would keep us company even in outer space. Formulated by artist Eva Petrič, fragrances produced by H. Reynaud & Fils, GmbH, France

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